Product Catalog

Geared for performance, Twister's oscillating motor utilizes highest quality metal gear design for unparalleled strength, greater load capacity and higher accuracy. 

8,500 lb. capacity. They have 2′ fixed sides with barn doors tailgate. Ramps for loading equipment, four D-ring tie downs that are welded to the deck. Dump trailer is optimal for hauling firewood, mulch, or equipment.

18' Trailer with a 10,000 GVW. Takes a 2 5/16" ball to tow

6'x12' enclosed trailer with a 2990 GVW. Takes a 2" ball to tow.

6'x12' trailer with a 2990 GVW. Takes a 2" ball to tow

5'x10' trailer with a 2999 GVW. Takes a 2" Ball to tow

18' Long car trailer

The HTW produces steam at just the right pressure and temperature for fast effective stripping with the minimum of condensation. 

The new, super-duty high volume, FloodBuster flood pumper makes quick work of the toughest water restoration jobs 

18 gallon wet or dry vacuum comes with multiple attachments for hard to reach areas.

Upholstery Cleaner great for cleaning cars or furniture

The Panther has ram shear cutting action to prevent gouging concrete or wood subfloors and a heavy duty 1 HP motor to remove even the toughest installations of floor coverings.

Leveraging state-of-the-art engineering, this dryer has an incredible maximum air velocity of 3,400 feet per minute in a compact, yet highly efficient size. Carpets dry quickly under the high-volume, high-velocity airflow.

Use to Empty Waterbeds, Drain Water Heaters or Aquariums

Great for emptying pools or with a flooded basement.

Easy way to measure long distances

10' Aluminum Brake 

Way Cool Oscillating Cooler for tents or indoor facilities. Cools up to 20 degrees.

1500 watt

1000/1500 watt. 

Attaches to 30" and 36" fans. Hook garden hose up to misting kit for easy assembly.

36" Commercial Fan

30" Pedestal Fan with oscillating option. Can apply a misting kit to this fan.

18" Pedestal fan can be used with or without a misting kit

Features a 14-1/2" wide. Includes 4 tubing sections for operating length from 34-1/2" to 22 feet.