Product Catalog

Portable 5' bar with 15 gallon ice bin, built in cutting board and storage areas. 

Portable bar attaches to a 6' table. Skirting is not included in price.

42" round table with umbrella. Set does not include linen pictured.

30"x6', can seat 6-8 children depending on age.

36" x 36"

30" High with low back support

18" x 96” Seminar Table

72" Round Table

60" Round Table

48" Round Table

36" Round Table

36" di x 42" ht Pedestal Round Reception Table

These kid-sized chairs are perfect for birthday parties or other events for children. Kids chairs come in only Red and Blue.

They're perfect for weddings or formal events

30" x 96" Banquet Table

30" x 72" Banquet Table

These white resin folding chairs are sleek, lightweight, strong, and comfortable. These chairs can be used indoors or outdoors and have a more stylish look than standard folding dining chairs.

Our brown plastic folding chairs, also known as polyfolds, have specifically contoured seats and backs making them the most comfortable and ergonomic chairs on the market. They are durable, yet lightweight