Product Catalog

With Tier 4 Final 47.1 gross HP, 2,848 lbs. of lift capacity and 121 in. max digging depth, this compact, high-performance tractor/loader/backhoe model is ideal for independent contractors, landscapers, rental services and anyone looking to add power, speed and efficiency to their worksite.

Attaches to a 3 point hitch on a tractor. The tractor PTO drives the roller, which digs into the ground, cultivating and pulling up rocks, roots, and debris. The clean soil goes between the roller and barrier while the rocks, roots, and debris work to the side in a window

The RTX250 features a 25 hp electronic fuel-injected engine, digging depth capacity of 36”, maximum digging width of 6”and a slender profile which allows the unit to move through narrow yard gates.

Used to designed to remove debris, level ground before sod is laid or prepare seedbeds

38 HP. Unit comes without a backhoe attachment

38 HP

Easy way to measure long distances

Extends to 15'

1000 Watt

500 Watt Flood Light

Rotating laser sight with tripod

Laser Plase 130 

Paver pad attachment for asphalt compactor

Dirt jumping jack

16x20 compactor great for crushed stone or asphalt. We can attach a paver pad to compact pavers

10' Aluminum Brake 

15 Amp, 120V Demolition Hammer

14.3 Amps, 115 Volt Heath Gun

120V AC/DC, 15 Amp Cutoff Machine. Price does not include Blade. 

15 Amp, 120 V Circular Saw

6.9 Amp Rotary Hammer

14 Amp, 120V Combination Hammer

Auger Attachment for tractor or skidloader and it comes with one bit. You can choose from a 10", 12", 18" or 24"

Pallet Fork Attachment for tractors or skidloaders are a great for easy loading and unloading of heavy items.

Rubber track loader