Product Catalog

The HTW produces steam at just the right pressure and temperature for fast effective stripping with the minimum of condensation. 

Easy way to measure long distances

10' Aluminum Brake 

15 Amp, 120V Demolition Hammer

14.3 Amps, 115 Volt Heath Gun

120V AC/DC, 15 Amp Cutoff Machine. Price does not include Blade. 

15 Amp, 120 V Circular Saw

6.9 Amp Rotary Hammer

14 Amp, 120V Combination Hammer

Garrett Metal Detector

16 Gauge Hardwood Flooring Cleat Mailer Kit

Coil Roofing Nailer

Heavy Duty 12" Compound Miter Saw

1 1/2 HP Twin Tank Compressor

2" Diamond Core Bit

3" Diamond Core Bit

4" Diamond Core Bit

5" Diamond Core Bit

6" Diamond Core Bit

Core drill up to 6" COMBO Complete


Aluminum 6' Threaded Handle Section is for use with bull floats. 

This bull float is made from lightweight magnesium, and is used to level and smooth the surface prior to finishing. Magnesium floats provide a smoother finish than wood floats

Hopper Gun is designed with a plastic hopper and specially formulated nylon gun. The gun features seven orifice sizes (for greater texture variety) with tubular design to avoid overspray. 

This panel lift is designed for assembly and operation by one person. Up to four 16' panels may be lifted to 11' with no extension. The DPL11 has a load capacity of 150 pounds